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We are officially an Austin Green Business Leader!


Hi there!

Is this weather making anyone else giddy?! We are loving it! Here at Go Green, we have more than one reason to be excited — we were recently awarded an Austin Green Business Leader certification by the City of Austin!!

Once a year, the Office of Sustainability in Austin reviews applications to the Green Business Leaders program. The goal of the program is to recognize and support small, local Austin businesses that are dedicated to the pursuit of environmental sustainability.

Over the past year, we have worked hard to “greenify” our office and have slowly been implementing policies and procedures to reduce our carbon footprint. These steps have been small and cumulative, and we have FINALLY met our goal! It was a team effort, and we are grateful to our Go Green family who embraced our mission and decided to “Go Green” at work and in their daily lives.

Some of the biggest changes we made were the easiest. We banned all single-use products in the office. So long paper plates, plastic straws and plastic cutlery! Additionally, all of our technicians stopped buying water bottles and started carrying large, reusable water tumblers. We’ve also embraced purchasing second-hand office furniture instead of buying new. Our technicians have also adopted ride-sharing (when the schedule allows). The best part of these changes is that, once you get in the habit, the practice of being environmentally conscious permeates all aspects of life!

We invite you to join us in living sustainably! To learn more about Austin Green Business Leaders program please visit:

XO, Anna


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