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I’m so happy you’ve decided to swing by! I’m Anna Merchant,  the right-brain of Go Green Heating and Cooling in Austin, TX. Go Green was opened in April of 2010 by my husband, Brent Merchant. Brent is a third-generation HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) guy. When we met in 2012, Brent had built this company from the ground up – serving as the owner, installer, technician, and sales rep. He was busy to say the least. In fact, our first date was in the very first Go Green mobile (a truck that remains in the fleet to this day). In the 8 years Go Green has been in business, we have grown tremendously- out of the living room and into an office with plenty of warehouse space, 9 full-time employees, and 5 trucks in the fleet. So far it has been a wild ride. Everyday brings us new challenges and we are constantly looking for ways to grow.

When we met I was a special education Teacher’s Assistant and was hoping to find a full-time Special Education teaching position in Austin. However, plans quickly changed in 2014 when it was clear that Brent could use some in-office help. We were nervous about working together but decided to give it a shot and four years later, our gamble has paid off. As you would expect, working with your spouse brings a few inherent challenges and the beginning was a little rocky (haha). However, through the years our conscious commitment to mutual success both personally and professionally has resulted in a working relationship where the love and respect we have for one another outweighs the frustrations.

More than ever Brent and I are committed to using our resources and position in the HVAC community to generate something bigger than just a profitable company. We want to build a company that is a responsible steward, a company committed to education rather than the bottom line, a company that is environmentally responsible, and lastly a company that leaves our customers and community in better shape then we found them.

We are aware that we are borrowing the Earth from our children and that our actions have an impact. Brent and I are dreamers and together we’ve brought many of our dreams to fruition. Through this blog we invite you into our lives, dreams, successes and failures. This is an opportunity for our customers to see and learn that Go Green is more than our company, it’s the way we live our lives.

At the end of the day, Go Green Heating and Cooling would be nothing without our fantastic customers who champion our service and our mission. With heartfelt gratitude we thank you.

XO, Anna


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